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Often, the field of business and the concept of creativity are viewed as incompatible. Business implies decisions, statistics, networking, and a range of other descriptors, but is infrequently associated with creativity. Even when it comes to subject separation is schools and universities, the two rarely collide, creativity instead becoming a defining characteristic of those studying the humanities, while those studying business are perceived as serious and definite.


This lack of association, however, is not only entirely misconstrued, but is also in fact opposite of reality. Creativity is arguably one of the most important facets of becoming a successful entrepreneur and running an impactful business. It relates to just about every aspect of running a business, and can make or break it. Here is how:


Ability to Characterize a Product or Service


At the very foundation, for a business to be successful it has to be presented as something unique. If you are planning to start a marketing firm, it will undoubtedly fail if you replicate exactly what other marketing firms around the country are doing. You will also be unable to hold your ground, as firms built off that authentic platform will likely draw much more attention.


This strike of creativity comes at the very beginning of the think-tank process, and will be critical in what exactly sets your service or product apart from others similar to it, and how you can demonstrate that to attract customers or clients.


Ability to Solve Unique Problems


No matter what field you are in, it is inevitable that difficulties will arise that slowdown or threaten your business. Often, these are so individually specific that it is impossible just to find a simple step by step guide to thwarting them. You, as well as possibly a team of those working with you, will have to think of creative solutions to remedy the difficulties and move forward with your business endeavor in a productive way.


Ability to Adapt Successfully


As factors change around your business–years pass, geographic influence expands, customer base widens–it will be necessary to adapt your business model accordingly. Creativity plays a huge role in this, as it is not a black and white process, but instead one requiring unique solutions and ways to grow within the current society it exists in.